Melly British – Valentines Cheerleader Competition Winner # 3

Melly British – Valentines Cheerleader Competition Winner # 3

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My “boss man” is my cheerleader because he supports me in a way that i am strong enough to be strong for me and everyone around me. He is my king, my friend, confidant, best friend, and my lover. When i just need a little motivation just to go one more step he is there with the right words, the comforting arms, the delicate kiss and gentle smile. i can tell him anything without fear of judgement or scorn… who could ask for anything better.

When the day is rough, he ensures the nights make up for that stressing day, so that it carries me through to the next day. He makes me laugh uncontrollably that i forget whatever may be getting the best of me. He is always in my corner no matter what, but keeps it real at the same time….. if I’m wrong he will let me know and shows me the right path, ensuring the same mistake is not made. My well being is top priority and he makes me know this, which in turn allows me to value me on a whole.

I would not give up my “boss man” for the world…… he is my world.


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