Majalukah Berry – Valentines Cheerleader Competition Winner

Majalukah Berry – Valentines Cheerleader Competition Winner

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“Cheers for my Number One Fan”

All my life I have been searching for love. Those that know hurt cannot identify love? In life people do to you what you allow them to and for me my life was always filled with hate and anger. I have been rebellious with cupid angered by the fact that the arrow has missed me on every occasion. Love for me was tears and fears. I spent half my life searching for the one thing that was always with me. Living in denial, too busy searching for what I couldn’t have neglecting what I did. Resenting instead of understanding. It took me a while to realize real love, or maybe I always knew what it was. I just forgot to run to the sidelines when my cheerleader would cheer the loudest and give her a hug. My number one fan was sent to me from above, an angel watching over me with love. She has always been patient and nurturing to mankind. No matter the situation she has always been there rooting me on and making me smile. Telling me I can do better. Everything I am as a woman today is because of my cheerleader. My cheerleader is everything I wish I could be and more.

A cheerleader is someone you don’t have to tell that you are hurting and even though you just said leave me alone what you really need is a shoulder to cry on. A cheerleader is someone who understands the life you live and respects it despite what they’ve heard. A cheerleader is someone who will still be around cheering you on when the going gets tough. A cheerleader is someone who will smile even when their heart is crying just to make you believe. They say once you love someone if it’s real it will never die. My cheerleader has loved me since the day I was born and she still loves me so I know it’s real. Regardless if I win this competition or not I have already received the biggest prize and that’s having my cheerleader alive and well, still cheering on in life’s obstacle filled journey. Though I stumbled my cheerleader has never let me fall. So three cheers for my cheerleader: Hip Hip Hooray! That’s my valentine. Happy Valentines my number one cheerleader: Margaret yup that’s my Mom!

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