Kemar Cowan – Valentines Cheerleader Competition Winner # 2

Kemar Cowan – Valentines Cheerleader Competition Winner # 2

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I would say my cheerleader would have to be none other than my girlfriend, she is my #1 fan for being there for me over the past 4 years, even though it has not been all smooth sailing I am thankful that night she came into my life, I couldn’t be more blessed and happy to have a wonderful, incomparable girlfriend like her. We have similarities that I haven’t seen in anyone else, feel each other pain and happiness that up to this day its still a bit unexplainable how we can connect that way.

She has done and made steps to ensure that we continue to have time and love for one another, she came all the way from the parish of () to be closer to me even when the odds was against her, she was there in my time of grief and my time of happiness, even when my English Premier League team ‘Chelsea FC’ with me, 🙂 and so that’s the reason I have no doubt in my mind who is my ‘Cheerleader’.

Kemar Cowan

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