David Reis – Valentines Cheerleader Competition Winner # 5

David Reis – Valentines Cheerleader Competition Winner # 5

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I first caught sight of my girl 6 years ago at the end of a rowing race I had just competed in but before I could speak to her, besides buying a raffle ticket from her, my crew decided it was time to leave. 4 years later I spotted her face, which I had never forgotten, again at another rowing event. This time I took no chances and invited her to row back with us and come to a party. Now two years on I am the happiest I have ever been now I am. I did not expect it to be such a strong love back then and this is why she is my “Cheerleader”…

I used to have a reputation for chasing girls all the time back then, one I enjoyed, but what has astounded me about Miss Raffles is the way that I have completely lost all lust for any other women. When I look at her (in particular her cheeks when she smiles) it is like the rest of the world is rubbed out of focus. “Does she make me feel like cheating? No, not really!!” We live on two different islands, 4 miles apart. Whenever it is possible outside of my working hours. I row over the 4 miles of Atlantic Ocean to spend all my time with her. However during the winter the seas are too strong and it is not always possible for me to visit her and currently as I write this during a very stormy period, I have not seen her for 3 weeks, but I know that her dedication is so that as soon as the tides stop raging high she will be there waiting there for me. And for me whilst cold gales are sweeping across my island and as hail bares down on my roof, knowing that as soon as fairer weather arrives she will be there waiting for me. It is this love they keeps me warm and my spirits high during the rough winter season. This is something I want to do for my girlfriend as she never asks me for material things and never wants me to go to any trouble for her, but she really deserves something special to show her what she means to me.

David Reis

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